Help save Texas World Speedway!

Help save Texas World Speedway!

The College Station City Council will soon be debating the fate of Texas World Speedway, an historic racetrack built in 1969 and one-time fastest speedway in the world, where Mario Andretti set a world closed course speed record of 214.158 mph in 1973.

The College Station City Council is being asked to approve the formation of a new municipal district which would allow the new property owners to tear down the historic track and replace it with a new master-planned community featuring over 1300 single-family homes.

A grassroots campaign has sprung up to protect the track and prevent the new owners from demolishing the track.  Supporters have turned to Facebook, Twitter and the web to get the word out.

You too can help save Texas World Speedway!  Go online and sign the petition to save Texas World Speedway, like their page on Facebook, and retweet to show your support.

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